Chappelle Gardens

Seed Library

The Chappelle Gardens Seed Library

Open from April - September
Residents Only


A regular library is a place where people in the community can pick a book, borrow that book, read it, and return it for others to use. A seed library works in a similar way. Anyone in the community can come in and pick seeds, get a sample of those seeds, then go home and grow those seeds, as long as they commit to trying to harvest some new seeds from the plants they grow to return to the seed library for the following season. In this way, everyone has access to a larger and more diverse variety of seeds, gardening is more accessible, and the community is a little bit more beautiful and self-sufficient.

This is the inaugural year for our seed library. We are all beginners. The idea of committing to saving seeds might be a bit daunting for some and that is not our goal at all. We understand that many things could prevent you from getting to the seed harvesting stage. The plants may not thrive in the part of the garden where you plant them, the flowers might not be properly pollinated, insects or less than friendly rabbits might make a meal of your hard work. It's Alberta! We may have a mid-August snow storm that kills everything before seeds are even ready. Even if you get everything through the season safely, most of us have never harvested seeds before. We completely understand all this. All we want is for everyone to do their best, have fun, and help the community embody the spirit of Chappelle Gardens. 

Click here for more information on our Seed Library, how it works and how to harvest seeds.