Chappelle Gardens

Important Residents Association Documents

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Find all the important governing documents associated with the operations of the Residents Association.

Collection Procedure

Fees are due January 1

- At the beginning of February:

  • Interest is applied to all outstanding accounts (5% per annum in excess of the prime rate of interest). Interest will be applied on the first business day of each month.

- Beginning of March

  • Final Notice of required payments will be issued to all outstanding accounts.

- Beginning of April

  • Accounts are handed over to Chappelle Gardens Residents Association's legal counsel, Field Law LLP, for collections.
  • Payments are no longer accepted by Chappelle Gardens Resident Association. All payments and communication regarding collection of fees is done directly between the homeowner and Field Law LLP.
  • Legal costs association with the collection of fees, as determined by Field Law LLP, will be charged back to the homeowner.
  • It is each homeowners responsibility to ensure that payments are received by the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association, in full, by the due dates. Late payment charges will be applied to each account in arrears until full payment is received.

Architectural Controls

Brookfield Residential is proud to present the Chappelle Gardens community in southwest Edmonton. Chappelle Gardens commitment to excellence starts with a premium location with stunning ravine views and convenient access to retail and community amenities. Abundant gardens and tree lined boulevards provide a unique look with timeless appeal that is preserved with thoughtful architectual guidelines.

The intent of these guidelines is to direct proportions, architectural elements and materials of the neighbourhood to present an expression of harmony. Through consistent home quality, exterior styling and massing these architectural guides enrich and preserve the character of the community while permitting individuals to express unique preferences and tastes in their new home.

These guidelines ensure each home adheres to a consistent style and quality standard and assists in protecting each new home investment.

Chappelle Gardens Architectural Guidelines

Complete Architectural Guidelines *Fencing found on page 15

Landscaping Guidelines 

Chappelle Gardens Residents Association Brochure

CGRA RA Brochure

Chappelle Gardens Annual Membership Fees

Fees are due January 1

Fee Information and Payment Methods

2014 CGRA Budget 

2015 CGRA Budget 

2016 CGRA Budget 

2017 CGRA Budget 

2018 CGRA Budget 

2019 CGRA Budget 

2020 CGRA Budget

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM 2014

AGM 2015  

AGM 2016

AGM 2017

AGM 2018

AGM 2019


2019 Chappelle Gardens Community Survey